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Waltzing the Dragon is Canada’s key online resource for the type 1 diabetes community, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of living with diabetes. We believe the key to living well with diabetes is empowering individuals with type 1 diabetes and their families to make choices that fit best for you, at different stages of your experience with diabetes (beginner through advanced), by presenting a range of available options. Our mission is “to educate, equip and encourage families dealing with type 1 diabetes by providing information that is current, comprehensive, evidence-based, and practical” on all diabetes-related topics, including monitoring blood glucose, adjusting insulin, managing blood glucose proactively, treating low blood glucose, treating high blood glucose, nutrition, carbohydrate counting, the glycemic index, exercise,  managing diabetes during illness, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring and other diabetes technology, traveling with diabetes, financial planning, diabetes at schoolparenting a child or teen with diabetes, and coping with the emotions of living with a chronic illness.