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Advanced Pump Features

Getting the Most from Your Insulin Pump

5 Advanced Features

So you’ve helped your insulin pump to help you: you’ve experimented with, and even mastered, a number of basic pump features. Still looking for more ways to minimize the hassle and maximize the impact? Check out these often under-used, but still very useful features of most insulin pumps available in Canada today:

Advanced Pump Feature #1: Temporary Basal Rates
Advanced Pump Feature #2: Alternate Basal Programs
Advanced Pump Feature #3: Extended Bolus
(a.k.a. Combo Bolus, Dual/Square-Wave Bolus)
and the associated articles: Tweaking an Extended Bolus and Splitting an Extended Bolus
Advanced Pump Feature #4: Suspend /Resume
Advanced Pump Feature #5:
Delivery Speed

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