Taking a Vacation from Your Insulin Pump

Why and How to Transition to Injections

There are times when even the most avid insulin pumpers need to take a break from pumping and return to injections temporarily, either as a result of unexpected pump problems, or for a prolonged period as a scheduled pump vacation.

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Do you know what supplies you need and how to make the transition if you find a crack in your pump or if it stops functioning, and it will be hours or even days before it can be replaced? Do you ever get overwhelmed with pumping and wish you could take a break for a few days or months or longer? Check out this printable pdf from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Diabetes Clinic for details on:

  • What data you need to get from your pump before the transition.
  • How to replace the basal insulin delivered by your pump.
  • How to calculate the starting dose of long-acting insulin to take.
  • How to replace the bolus insulin you are currently getting through your pump.
  • How to go back on your pump if and when you’re ready.

Be sure to check with your diabetes health care team whenever possible, to guide the transition from pump to injections or from injections to pump.

This material has been developed from sources that we believe are accurate, however, as the field of medicine (in particular as it applies to diabetes) is rapidly evolving, the information should not be relied upon, as it is designed for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of medical advice, instruction and/or treatment. If you have specific questions, please consult your doctor or appropriate health care professional.

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