Advertising Opportunities

with Waltzing the Dragon

Our goal is to inform and support our readers. If you have a product or service that supports this goal, and you would like to share it with our community on, please contact us. We will consider advertisements for scientifically and medically valid products and services which may be of interest to the type 1 diabetes community and their families.

Editorial Independence

Waltzing the Dragon presents objective and balanced articles; its content remains independent of, and is not influenced by, advertisers.

Advertising Packages

Advertising prices depend on placement and image size. Each ad image includes a link to the advertiser’s website.

Please consider these advertising packages, and contact us for a quote.

Also note...

All ads are subject to our approval.

Social media sharing of educational/informational posts is also available. Waltzing the Dragon does not share ads on its social media platforms.

Registered charitable and not-for-profit organizations will be offered discounted rates.

Payments are accepted as cheque, electronic transfer, or automatic deposit. Payment must be received before the ad will be posted.

All advertising revenue is used to support this online resource, so that we can continue to make it available to our visitors.

Thank you for considering a collaboration with, for the benefit of the type 1 diabetes community in Canada!